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Repair And Maintenance Of Kitchen Faucets

The kitchen is the heart of many homes. This is the room where the family prepares and shares meals together. Because so much time is spent here, the fixtures and accessories need to be functional and fit with the style of the room. Kitchen faucets in the sink and kitchen islands are made with style in mind. With so many choices, you are sure to find the right fit for your home. Most people match the fixtures to style of kitchen cabinets.

Styles of Kitchen Faucets

The sink faucet use to be merely functional; the purpose was to deliver water to sinks for cooking or cleaning. Nobody really thought about what it looked like or if it matched the décor in the room. Those days are over. Kitchen fixtures are now available in a range of finishes and styles to match every home.

Some of the available finishes include:

+ Brass (natural is more popular than polished)
+ Weathered brass
+ Nickel
+ Bronze
+ Antique copper
+ Brushed nickel
+ Stainless steel
+ Porcelain
+ Chrome
+ Black

The brushed and weathered look is more popular than the shiny, polished finishes. The polished chrome faucet is most often used in contemporary style kitchens now. Elaborate Victorian designs are available for more formal looking kitchens. Their use as a design feature has resulted in fixtures being one of the most popular upgrades for people purchasing a new home.

If your home has boring fixtures that seem out of date or don’t match your home, replacing them is easy and inexpensive. Just make it part of a small home improvement and decoration project. The price for replacements varies and the finish plays a role in the price. Chrome is the least expensive and most durable material used. Other materials can be quite a bit more expensive and require extra care. Visit your local plumbing or home improvement store to see the various styles available. A plumber can do the job for you in about fifteen minutes.

Installation Procedures

The new faucets are easier to install than older models. Most manufacturers include all connections and fittings needed to install the unit yourself. Complete installation instructions are included with the faucet. Look for complete kits that come with the flexible hoses needed to attach to your water supply. If these aren’t included, you will need to purchase them separately. Don’t be alarmed if you notice particles in the water when you finish installation. This is just particles trapped in the fixture from manufacturing and installation. They will rinse clear if you let the water run for a few minutes.

Kitchen Faucets: Repair and Maintenance

Repairing and maintenance is easier than ever before and can be done by a handy homeowner. Rubber rings can be easily replaced at home when needed. Before working on the sink, turn off the water and cover the drains. Properly cleaning and maintaining your faucet will extend the life and keep it in good working order.

Check the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning the finish. Most can be cleaned with mild soap and water or window cleaner. Don’t use harsh cleaning products, which can damage the finish. Polish matte finishes with a furniture polishes. Check the label to be sure the product you use is safe for the material of your fixtures.

Shower and Bathroom Fixtures

The combination of style and function found in kitchen fixtures has extended into the bathroom as well. There is a wide variety of choices available in shower faucets. You can choose the standard wall mount faucet or go for a removable head. Many can be adjusted to regulate the water flow according to your preference.

There are two basic choices in handles: pull out and individual knobs. Some people find one handle to be more convenient and easy to use. Two handles are more stylish and a variety of styles are available in the handles. You should choose according to the style of your sink or bathtub. Faucets can be matched for the tub and sink, if you choose.


How To Remove Bathroom Tile?

Five decades old tile in your bathroom might be making it quite awkward. In other case, you might have a broken tile in the corner of your bathroom that makes it dated. Well, just getting rid of those tiles could be trickier business to do. However, one thing to learn is that anyone can comfortably get rid of them with a few tools and tips on how to.

If you decide to do the job yourself, you would need a hammer, flat headed screwdriver and a strong putty knife. It is also good to have one painter scraper and carbide tipped drill to get rid of the corrupt from the surface.  You know it that you are not going to require any high tech tool for this job.  However, if you feel comfortable with power tool, go for but not highly recommended.

If you are removing a lot of tile over a large area you don’t have to be very careful about it. All you have to do is break a few tiles with your hammer, paying attention that you don’t smash through a wall by being too aggressive. Once you have a few tiles broken you can use your stiff knife or paint scraper at a low angle and cat the handle with your hammer to pop the other tiles out of place. You can also use the scraper to remove any stingy grout or thin set that may be left behind.

Removing single tiles can be a little more tricky. You may need to use your grout tool to remove the grout so that you can pry the tile from its place. You can also use your flat head screwdriver and It through the grout to remove it if you don’t feel like buying a grout tool for a single tile. They key here is to make sure that you do not damage the surrounding tiles or loosen them while you remove the grout. Once the grout is removed, you can insert your scraper or putty knife into the gap at a low angle and gently begin to tap into the underlying glue to loosen the tile. A strip of tape on the bench of the next tile can prevent you from checking the other tile while you remove the old one.

For stubborn tiles that drill with a carbide tipped bit can be used to help you crack the tile to make removal easier. Place a strip of tape diagonally across the tile and drill several holes. A sharp tap with your hammer and chisel will extend a crack between the holes allowing you to remove the tile from the inside out to the edges. You will still need to remove any old grout from the edges of the other tiles before replacing with a new one.

With the helps above, you understand that getting rid of tiles from your bathroom is not a hard job but simple and easy. As explained you only need a few simple tool and know-how and of course a little time to do the repairs in the bathroom in order to regain the same fresh look!


Tuscan Style Decorating For The Kitchen

A Tuscan decorating theme can put some old world charm into your kitchen and make it a warm homey room to gather in. The Tuscan style incorporates warm earth tones along with natural materials and architectural accents to create a time worn look. Although the look is of a centuries old kitchen you can achieve it without having to buy priceless antiques.


The colors mimic those of the Tuscan landscape – rich golds, earthtones and even tones from the sea mingle together for this look of old Italy. Buy some majolica pottery (either new or old) and use those colors to influence your wall and floor choices. Using natural materials like stone, slate, granite or terra cotta for your flooring and countertops will help complete the look. Try some faux painting on your walls to give it the look of antique plaster.


Think old world in your lighting and stay away from new or modern styles. Some nice antique looking wrought iron lights will be right in style. It’s OK to also have recessed lighting for your task lights, but choose your pendant lights or chandeliers carefully. Stay away from anything too shiny and stick with muted metals.


You can buy accessories like those you might find in a Tuscan kitchen brand new today, or you can scour the antique shops to get real antiques. Look for old pottery bowls and pitchers as well as painted or antiqued wooden bowls. Majolica makes a nice addition to a Tuscan style kitchen and you can buy whole sets of this pottery new today and use it for everyday use. Use lots of decorative jars of oils with peppers and ropes of garlic, peppers and grape vines. Antique look signs with a wine motif can add to the wall decor as can wallpaper murals in the form of Italian frescos and niches. Soften it up with lots of greenery.


You want your furniture to have an old world look. Chunky wood tables with chippy or distressed paint go nice. A distressed wooden cupboard (perhaps with chicken wire doors) can give you some extra storage and add to the look if you have the space. Display your majolica or old world pottery behind the chicken wire to authenticate the look.

Decorating a Tuscan kitchen can be a lot of fun. You can get the look with brand new accessories, or if you enjoy collecting antiques, you can scour the flea markets and antique malls for those perfect pieces. Either way, you will be creating a kitchen with charm and character.